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Young Carers Get Top Nutrition Tips

Dan and Roy
Dan and Roy at the workshop

Story by Rosie Hurley 

On Wednesday 27th July, Sue Judge, a nutritional therapist, came to the Carers’ Centre to lead a cooking and nutrition workshop for young carers.

Sue greeted us in the garden with lots of tasty-looking ingredients laid out on the tables under the gazebo. She introduced healthy eating and nourishment, before revealing that we’d be making our own lunch with the food and equipment she’d brought. On the menu was Mexican quesadillas, with salsa and hummus, along with fresh apple, carrot and ginger juice.

After introducing us to the basic concepts of what it means to eat healthily, (and she may have regretted asking us what we had for breakfast!) Sue then gave each of us different foods to prepare for our lunch. These ranged from grating carrot and chopping spring onion for the quesadilla fillings, to blending up onions and tomatoes for the salsa, to juicing the apples and carrots. The juicer itself was something of a spectacle — it was a big contraption that looked like a sausage maker — it was hardly a NutriBullet, but it worked just as well! Continue reading Young Carers Get Top Nutrition Tips

National Young Carers Awareness Day – 28th Jan

Joe in our Carers Centre garden
Joe in our Carers Centre garden

Tomorrow is National Young Carers Awareness Day, a national event aiming to inform the UK of who young carers are and the hidden struggles they face every day. Therefore today, we want to highlight one of our brilliant young carers, who we named our Young Carer of the Year 2015.

Seventeen-year-old Joe Lomax is the main carer for his mum, who suffers with chronic back pain. Joe manages to provide this care while attending college and looking for part time work. This isn’t all: he is becoming increasingly involved in our Young Carers service, acting as a fantastic role model for other young people. Joe’s friendliness, warmth and compassion means he always welcomes new Young Carers with a smile.

During the Young Carers ‘Big Day Out’ trip in August, Joe provided hands on help for the YC team, assisting the youngest boys to build rafts and row boats, while also organising the children effectively. At our bike workshop later that summer, Joe spoke to various trustees about the work he was doing to the bikes, providing an informative and funny description of the day’s events. They were really impressed, which helped their decision to fund more Young Carers activities in the New Year.

Joe is one of our most popular Young Carers and a true example of how amazing these young people are. It was an honour to award him our Young Carer of the Year 2015 and we can’t wait to see him again this year!

Young Carers Awareness Day is on Thursday 28th January – please get involved or donate to support Young Carers like Joe. You can find more information from The Carers Trust here: https://www.carers.org/young-carers-awareness-day