The Carers’ Centre is here to care for carers – those who give up their time and energy, unpaid, to look after loved ones who are frail, have a disability, substance misuse problems or chronic illness. Caring can be a rewarding role, but it can also be stressful, tiring and lonely.

We are compassionate about the challenges and struggles unpaid carers face every day and our services help to ease the burden caring can bring. We are committed to raising awareness of carers, including those who are children and young adults, and their rights in our community. We endeavour to provide a hub of support across our two centres for carers in B&NES.

We upload a new post every Wednesday, with stories about our carers, insights into what we’re up to at the centre, views about caring in the wider society/media and more.

As well as our latest news and views on this blog, you can find out more about us, carers and how we help on our website www.banescarerscentre.org.uk

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