Carers Week 2020 part 2 – Other ways you can help towards “Making Caring Visible”

In our previous blog post we spoke about the effectiveness of sharing the stories & experiences of carers and former carers to help the mission of “Making Caring Visible”. We understand however, the difficulties that can come with this; caring may come naturally and be rewarding to some, but for others it can be relentless and all-consuming, and sharing those tough feelings and emotions can be hard.

If you don’t feel up to sharing your story but would like to help us in our campaign, there are lots of other ways to be involved.

Other ways you can help campaign

Help us spread the word on social media
Throughout Carers Week, our social media profiles are focusing on “Making Caring Visible”. Help us by liking, sharing and commenting on our posts to widen our audience, reach those who aren’t currently getting support & others to “think carer”. 

Tell your GP you’re a carer
If you haven’t already, carers week is the perfect opportunity for you to inform your doctor you are a carer. They can support you to keep yourself fit and well to enable you to carry on caring as long as you want to. Plus, carers get a free flu jab. 
Watch our video of local GP, Gita, explaining the contribution carers make to society and why it is important they look after themselves

Ask your employer to make a pledge to support carers
If you are in employment, asking your manager or employer if they have a carer policy, or even better, to make a pledge to support their employees who are caring will make a huge contribution to “making caring visible”.

Let your child’s school know they are a Young Carer
Schools have a duty to support young carers, but many teachers have no idea they have young carers in their class. 1 in 5 students will be a young carer and for every 1 young carer we know of, there are 4 we don’t! “Making Caring Visible” for young carers can drastically improve the support they get from their school.

Add your voice or pledge on the Carers Week website are making it easy for carers to become visible. By simply adding your name to their website, we can see the staggering number of carers across the nation. Have a look on their website for ideas of how to campaign and how they are asking others to help.

Reach out to local MP’s 
Contact your local MP during Carers Week and ask how they are supporting carers throughout the pandemic and afterwards.
Great news – Wear Hobhouse (MP for Bath) has recently joined the APPG for Young and Young Adult Carers with a pledge to support them throughout and after the pandemic!

Submit your statements which you think are important for others to know about carers.
The main thing we can do towards Making Caring Visible is to raise the voice of carers, by myth busting, helping those who don’t understand the experiences of carers to gain clarity and also to enable many more people who don’t recognise themselves as carers to break that barrier and start receiving support. It would be great if we could gather some basic comments and statements which help to achieve these aims. If you can help, get in touch! Fill in the form below with any thoughts you have which can help shine light over the life of carers. Of course, this will be completely confidential.

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