Carers week 2020 part 1 – Why carers’ stories are so important for “Making Caring Visible”

Monday 8th June 2020 marks the start of carers week, and this year we are campaigning towards “Making Caring Visible”, which seems so appropriate at a time where we have all been asked to hide ourselves away.

In this period of social distancing, self-isolation and shielding, so many have found their caring roles increasing & becoming more difficult to manage, or experiencing a drastic reduction of their caring role; being unable to see their loved ones who are in care homes. These experiences are causing the risk of burnout to drastically soar and the loneliness experienced by many debilitating. 

That’s why this year, we are “Making Caring Visible” and we need your help!

Share your story

As part of this, and future campaigns, we would love to share the stories of carers.

People relate to people and by sharing your experience of being a carer, particularly through COVID-19, you will encourage more people in caring roles to come forward and get the support they need.

Hearing the stories of carers can also open the eyes and ears of others who aren’t in caring roles, helping them to “think carer” – an ambition we have frequently spoken about at our Carers’ Voice meetings and one of our goals at the Carers’ Centre; “Creating a carer friendly community”. 

Former carers have so much to contribute to this campaign too. They have lived the life of a carer and also had the time to reflect on their experience, enabling them to pass on vital information and advice to those currently caring. If you’re a former carer and would like to share your story, we are all ears!

If you could help us by sharing your story (either in writing or by letting us record a conversation) please get in touch below.

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