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Carers discount on reflexology treatment

Many carers struggle with putting themselves first. They run around taking care of everybody else — ignoring their own needs.

Having a bit of me-time is vital and the healthiest thing you can do as a carer is to stop and consider what measures you can take to care for yourself.

Carer and holistic therapist Anne-Marie Rose, owner of Rose Holistic Treatments, knows the importance of taking time out and is offering a special discounted rate of £25 ffor reflexology for carer card holders. Haven’t got a carer card? Enquire here! 

We popped into her business, located on Avondale Road, Bath, to learn more.

Tell us more about your business! What do you do and where are you based?

“I offer wonderfully relaxing massage and reflexology sessions to support women and carers in Bath. The business was set up with the aim of supporting carers by offering low-cost reflexology treatments and the business took off from there. In the three years since I started my business I have been shortlisted for a variety of awards for all my hard work supporting carers and local charities. Rose Holistic Treatments is based in Newbridge, just a 5-10 minute walk from the Bath Carers’ Centre.”

What made you want to join the Carer Card Scheme?

“I joined the Carer Card Scheme as I know how hard it can be being a carer.  I wanted to show my support to carers by offering them the opportunity to have some time just for themselves. Here they can enjoy a cup of tea, followed by some incredibly relaxing reflexology and foot massage. I want to support them in their caring role as well as ensure they are looked after too.”

Do you often come in to contact with carers?

“I regularly see carers at Rose Holistic Treatments for both reflexology and massage. I also attend some of the support groups at the Carers’ Centre myself as I support my family in a caring capacity.”

What do you do when you need a pick-me up?

“Meeting a friend for a coffee, cake and a chat always helps! If I feel I need some focused relaxation then I have a massage, which always makes me feel fantastic! On a daily basis I make time for some relaxation, currently using the Headspace guided meditations app to help me relax, breathe and feel calm. I also find some time to go for a run outside in the fresh air on a regular basis.”

What do you think people could do to help carers in our community?

“I think local businesses could support the Carer Card Scheme and also allow flexible working for carers.  If anyone has friends or colleagues that are carers, sometimes just offering a listening ear would be much appreciated. Just listening, not judging, commenting or offering advice is often what is needed as no one knows what others are going through and the impact it is having on them.”

What one thing would you want to say to carers who are reading this post?

“Please make some time for yourself to do something just for you on a daily basis, whether it’s reading a favourite book, soaking in the bath, spending 10 minutes in the garden with a cup of tea or calling a good friend for a chat – whatever helps you – please do it! “

For more details on Rose Holistic treatment log on to  https://www.roseholistictreatments.co.uk. Discounted spaces are limited so call 07860 559184 or email: roseholistictreatments@gmail.com.

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