2 Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing this Autumn

by Lindsey Clay 

Update 18th September 2018: 

Due to demand we will now be offering an evening yoga and mindfulness 6 week  course, venues and dates the same but with a 6.00pm—7.30 pm time slot.

We are coming to the end of our lovely sunny weather and heading into the beautiful and colourful autumn season. Changes may be happening in our own lives, be it children going back to school, changes in jobs or changes in our own health and wellbeing or that of those we love.

Here at the Carer’s Centre we are always working to help improve the wellbeing of carers within our community through our services. Read on to find out what we’ve got going on…

1. Try our new course of gentle yoga and relaxation

A new 6 week  gentle yoga course on Monday afternoons 1:30pm to 3pm is starting on the 8th October at our Centre in Bath. This is a trial project, so depending on interest from carers we may be able to offer this in other locations around BaNES.

Yoga mats provided (which you can then take home at the end of the course if you wish to help you continue your practice at home).

The course will be lead by Jules Allen who has written a little note about herself below.

I am a Yoga, Relaxation and Mindfulness Teacher, and I work with various organisations across Bath and Bristol. I specialise in teaching yoga, relaxation and mindfulness to people who may be beginners, people who may have health and mobility issues as well as people who have regular wellbeing practices.

Take time to rest and a moment to breathe, stretch & move, meet new people and make new friends as well as everyday ideas, tools and tips for bringing more well-being into their lives.

Having been a young carer, an adult carer and also living with Rheumatoid Arthritis I practice various yoga and relaxation exercises every day and really have valued the overall effect that yoga, relaxation and mindfulness has had for me and with the people I have worked with.

Each week Jules will take you through various yoga techniques with adaptions and alternatives given to those who are less mobile, but this is very much designed as a yoga for everyone / anywhere group.

At the final session if you would like to continue with their yoga journey, our Wellbeing Navigators would be on hand to support you to find local groups in your area.

2. Join our Wellbeing Navigator walking club

We received a number of suggestions for a carer walking group, which we are happy to announce is now up and running (or walking!)  Currently this will be accessed through our Wellbeing Navigator service and aim to deliver at least one walk per month.

We will have an initial get together for anyone already involved with the Wellbeing Navigator service that would like to join the walking club on Tuesday 9th October at 11am–2pm, at our Bath Centre, Woodlands, Lower Bristol Road, BA29ES.

The plan for the day is to have a general discussion about ideas for walks, dates and frequency and to maybe have a short stroll to the Boathouse for a drink.

If you are not currently involved with the Navigator service but are interested in walking or other groups, please contact the Centre and one of our Wellbeing Navigators can give you a call with further information and arrange to visit you.

Why walking? “Walking is the nearest activity to the perfect exercise.” Check out the walking works report 2018 for more information.

We hope you think about joining either or both of these groups! Or you might have your own ideas about wellbeing — let us know! If you have trouble getting to us or would like more information about any of our services, give us a call on 0800 0388 885 or email info@banescarerscentre.org.uk  

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