Celebrating Carers 2016 – the results!

Celebrating2016_logoOur annual awards ceremony was held in October and once again the event was hosted by the fantastic Ali Vowles of the BBC. It was a chance to recognise our unsung heroes: carers, volunteers, and partners and to look back over what we’ve achieved this year.

The evening was made possible by the generosity of Sirona Care & Health and by our other wonderful sponsors; Bath College, Curo, Gerrard Financial Consulting, Gradwell Communications, Minuteman Press Bath and Way Ahead Care.

We set out to celebrate our unsung heroes, and this year they were three carers, Sue, Pat and Trudy. In different ways these three women have made and continue to make a positive impact on their families, their communities and the Carers’ Centre. Sue, while looking after her son with additional needs and her other children, has established her own business providing wellbeing programmes to help companies look after their staff.

Pat has dedicated much of her life to caring, looking after her father and then mother over a 25 year period, as well as taking part in a volunteer teaching group to raise awareness about carers to students.

trudyccAnd Trudy, while looking after her visually impaired husband Mark, has been able to find confidence and a voice as well as being a part of the teaching group, volunteering, and fundraising for the Carers’ Centre. She’s done such a good job she was awarded Volunteer of the Year too!

We also shared the special talents of our young carers in the fields of art and sport. We heard the stories of Fin and Indigo, two young carers who have been involved with the Arts Award youth group and shared their wonderful photographs and drawings.

We saw Siana’s work showcasing a blouse that she designed and sewed. In the sporting arena our winner was Keagan, who has followed his dream of becoming a professional horse rider and was offered a prestigious placement at Jeremy Scott Racing in Exmoor.

Finally our young carer of the year was Leeanne Roberts, who has come such a long way from when she started with the young carers group to being involved in arts, volunteering, and fundraising for the Carers’ Centre.

fionaccThis year was the first year for the Participation Award, thanks to the work of Claire Abrahams to ensure carers are heard in the community. The award went to Fiona Carr, who has given much of her time and energy to the Carers’ Centre, through the Carers’ Voice group among many other things!

As Janet Rowse, Chief Executive of Sirona, said: “carers, like volunteers, are the unsung heroes in health and social care as they are the people who are supporting the individual when our teams aren’t; they are crucial and this event puts them centre stage where they deserve to be.”


A big thank you to everyone who came along and made the evening special and memorable.

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