Young Carers Get Creative

Animation 1

Story by Rosie Hurley 

A couple of weeks ago a group of our young carers had the chance to get creative with professional animators.

The project was run by the national arts charity Create, whose programme art:space allows young carers to step away from responsibilities and have fun learning new skills. Working alongside SouthGate shopping centre in Bath, and funded by British Land, art:space helped our young carers to produce their own short animated film from 27-29 July.

The film, called ‘Ninja’, looked like great fun to make, and definitely shows off the skills the young carers learnt. It experiments with different animation techniques, and involved drawing charcoal images and then photographing them, before rubbing them out and redrawing them again for the stop-motion animation effect. To animate the abstract shapes and patterns they used computer software which resulted in an impressive multi-form film. The film is available to watch on YouTube.

art:space, which has been running since 2009, lets young carers take time away from their responsibilities by learning new creative skills and having a much-needed social outlet. The programme enables carers to build friendships and self-confidence by working with others, taking part in fun activities and trying new skills.

There will also be a dance and flashmob workshop for young carers in a few weeks’ time, from 23-25 August. Also run by Create, carers will get the chance to work with a professional dancer to learn an easy choreographed flashmob dance which will then be performed in SouthGate for friends, family and the public. It’ll be a great chance for the kids to have some fun and meet some new people!

For more info check out the Carers’ Centre Website.

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