Carer Led and Carer Choice

When you hear the word ‘meeting’, you might envisage people in suits sat around a table discussing the weekly numbers or looking at graphs with arrows pointing up. Team meetings at the Carers’ Centre are a world apart from this, and though we do talk about important matters (like Carers Week and our wellbeing festival), we also have a lot of laughs.

In our most recent team meeting, one of our Carers Support Officers Lorraine wrote a poem about the work of the newly formed Carers Outreach Team. It was so good we’ve decided to make it the feature of this week’s blog – enjoy!

Carer support is branching out

It’s getting much more local,

CSOs will have the chance

To be a bit more vocal

Out and about

In their local patch

Communities of carers

Starting from scratch


Forming peer groups

Carer led

Meaningful and focused

Our daily bread


Making a difference

A helping hand

Joined up services

By heck, that’s grand!


Its early doors

We’ve only just started

Full steam ahead

Nothing here half-hearted!


Finding the links

Making the chain

Carers alone?

Never again!


Carer support

A carer plan,

Agreed just for you

It’s your plan, your plan!


Carers week is just around the corner

Loud and clear, we’re coming for ya

The future’s bright, the future’s new

See what your Carers Officer can do for you!


Together, stronger, a louder voice

Carer led and carer choice

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