Help Us Keep Our Home for Carers: Roger & Steph’s Story

Roger Bowring – A Place for Support


Roger cares for his wife Stephanie who has scoliosis, so she has difficulty walking, and heart problems. She’s had to have operations both for her heart and mobility. Roger cares for Stephanie by making sure she has the help she needs to continue living an independent life.

‘I look after Steph, I do all the housework and cooking and help her get around.’

Roger has learning difficulties which makes it even more challenging for him as he looks after Steph.

‘We don’t know how things will be in the future, I don’t know how much longer she will be able to walk. It’s one day at a time,’ says Roger.

Thanks to the Carers’ Centre, Roger knows he has somewhere to turn to when things get too much. A place to take time out from the stress of a caring role. He volunteered to install the new garden at Woodlands, and is looking forward to working on it in the future.

‘Gardening makes me happy and feel good in myself. I will enjoy being able to get out and about and want to learn more about gardening.’ The Carers’ Centre has also supported Roger and Steph by giving them the opportunity to do things together as a couple. Woodlands will offer a dedicated place to provide more breaks for carers and their loved ones.

Help us keep our home away from home for carers – make a £5 donation to our appeal here. Even small change makes a big difference.

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