Why do we need a place for carers?

The Carers’ Centre is in the process of buying our building in Bath, ‘Woodlands’.

Carers give up their time and energy to look after friends and family who can’t manage on their own. This can be tiring, stressful and lonely. We believe that no one should care alone. We want a future where every carer can find a place of support here with us.

_DSC3207Carers like Sophie, 10, a young carer whose dedication to her caring role makes wise beyond her years. As a young carer, she helps to look after her 8-year-old brother Ben, who has Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome, a developmental disorder.

‘He’s cheeky and lovely,’ says Sophie. ‘I wouldn’t swap him for any other brother!’ Ben often tells Sophie: “I love you more than the highest mountain in the world.”

But it’s not easy for Sophie. Ben’s condition means that he’s often awake, which makes it hard for Sophie to get enough sleep. His needs also take up much of their mum’s time, so Sophie doesn’t often get to enjoy mother-daughter time.

Woodlands is a place for Sophie and other children like her to play, have fun and enjoy their childhood. She loves going on the young carers’ trips and activities as she says they help her to relax and not worry as much. Keeping the building will provide a dedicated space for young carers’ activities indoors and outdoors.

Can you donate to our capital appeal to help us buy Woodlands, and keep our home for carers like Sophie? In return, your name will be added to our ‘Mural of Thanks’ within the building. Even small change can make a big difference.

Thank you.

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