Sunflower Shoots….

We’re getting quite excited here at the Carers’ Centre as our sunflowers have started to take root. In just 2 weeks our little seeds have gone from this……









To this! Two glorious little plants climbing so quickly to get to the sun they need a little helping hand to keep them upright šŸ™‚







We may well have aĀ winner on our hands here… But if you’d like to try your luck and see if you can beat us, there isĀ still time to enter! You can either get your seedsĀ from us (find out how here) or you can now enter using your own seeds/plants. Simply enter your details in to the form below by 12th June 2015 and you’ll be included in theĀ grand sunflower competition of this year. There are prizes up for grabs, which will beĀ revealed shortly, so get planting!! The rules can be found here.

YES! I want to enter the sunflower competition

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